Wednesday, April 17, 2019

1970's Slide Show on Brownsville Station

This is what we get...
... and this is what you get: A photo enhanced cropped image to bring out all the details.  With photos as rare as they are this is the best way to squeeze as much information the eye can see so why not see it more easily.  By the way the original image above is from a 35mm slide scanned at 800 dpi.
Many more slide photo images from Brownsville, Texas and the Rio Grande Valley are being posted on the Brownsville Station Facebook page.  The majority of slides are actually fauna and flora of the RGV which will have some educational use perhaps.  Others include Falcon Dam, the city of Roma, Botanical Gardens, Fot Brown historic buildings and downtown Brownsville, Texas.

 Bus station behind El Jardin Hotel
 E Elizabeth showing Edelsteins and Tienda Amigo on corner of 13th and E Elizabeth.  Tienda Amigo because site of national attention when its roof collapsed after a hard rain in 1988 killing several people who were inside.
 A very rare scene from E Washington St
 1880s Cameron County Courthouse turned into Mason's Lodge which is still in use since early 1900s
House across the street of Stillman Museum (no longer there - does not appear to be Armstrong House which was once used as Edelstein outlet - could be from back alley)

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Hop on Board Bronsbil Estacion

35mm slide image of woman on 1870s Baldwin locomotive (location unknown)
You have reached your destination for the finest and rarest images of Brownsville, Texas and the Rio Grande Valley. This isn't one of them but the statement is true

Friday, April 5, 2019

2019 0406 Concrete Canvas art by Rafael Tipton

by Raphael Tipton

Arkayle in the golden blind. Spiritual number "1111" is in honor of Rafael's wife and son whose birthdays both fall on the 11th day of their birth months. (16" x 20")
Heart and Dove was done on canvas with resin
and mounted on wood.  LuciFina is a potrait of Lucifer's sister.  (both 16" x 20")
Mary depicted as Crimson.  Concrete textile, wax, resin on sheet metal with 2" frame (3'7" x 4'3")
ArKayle after a battle: fire and eclipse on concrete canvas (3' x 3')
This 16" x 20" piece was made on regular canvas the same weekend Mary was missing and Rafael was searching for her. Little did he know she was "already in line with these angels."
Abstract piece on concrete canvas. Its a study of color. (3' x 21")
Sacred heart made on concrete canvas. (3'4" x 3'8")
A contemporary piece called Reflection on canvas
Concrete Canvas is a patented material invented by Rafael Tipton.  It has multiple purposes and is a durable medium which can be easily rolled for transporting.  It was developed several years ago and can be used as a stucco and put on nearly any surface.  The water proof / fire resistant Concrete Canvas can also be made with a smooth or rough surface.  It can be specially made to any size ordered and in any color.  Amazingly, it can be used as a mix to be applied to walls, furniture, steel, steps or in other words, the possibilities for its use are only limited by the users imagination.

As a waterproof substrate for construction or as a coating for art projects its diversity is vast.  Recent discoveries have found that it can be successfully used to make concrete rugs, curtains and lampshades.

The Concrete Canvas and other art pieces are available for purchase.  Proceeds from these sales will be graciously accepted by Rafael Tipton to help sponsor his pursuit of Justice for Mary.

 Comforting Angels
Concrete mix on sheet metal with 2" frame (3'6" x 3'9")

  Arkayle approximately 25" x 22" - $375
 Arkayle on approximately 2'6" x 6'6" concrete mix and resin on wooden door $350
 These abstract pieces were produced on concrete canvas demonstrate various colors and textures.

Facebook account holders see more of Rafael Tipton's art in a variety of mixed-media on his Facebook page RAW by Notpit

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

2019 0124 Mary Tipton and Unexplained Inconsistencies

Below is a copy of a five-page letter written by the Rafael Tipton, husband of Mary Tipton who was killed by a hit-and-run driver which was addressed to Congressman Filimon Vela in hopes that some offer of assistance to investigate mishandling of evidence in the case might be forthcoming.

Thomas Clipper

Windshield damage caused by impact of Mary Tipton after being struck by car driven by Marisa Govea